HB Signature Pin

HB Signature Pin

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Wear your heart on your sleeve, or inspiration on your lapel, with a powerful statement of Black identity. Symbolizing freedom, unity, and belonging, the HeartBelonging Signature Pin brings together two historical flags—Pan-African and the United States—reminding the wearer they are the product of their ancestors’ wildest dreams.

More than Fashion: Our pin pays homage to the people of the African Diaspora and represents an unapologetic commitment to Black culture, history, and community.

Why You’ll Love our HeartBelonging Signature Pin:

  • Package includes one pin and a communal affirmation card from the pin designer
  • Can be worn on your jacket, backpack, suit lapel, or display it on your fridge
  • Manufactured with a safe, magnetic fastening to keep your pin in place

Put your rich legacy on display, everyday, with the HeartBelonging Signature Pin.

Additional information

Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 3.75 × 2.50 × .1 in


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